"I don’t think you ever get used to being this famous. I’ve learnt how to keep things separate or at a distance. I’ve nothing to hide, but seeing this as work, like a job, means I can take a step back. It’s me right now in front of you and in the papers, but it’s not all of me. If you give yourself entirely to the business, you’d end up going mad. And I’m not mad. Not yet."

Do yourself a favor: become your own savior.

Daniel Johnston (via morningsuns)


how do you take such high definition selfies what camera do u use do u apply makeup such as foundation pls i need help

I use my iphone 5s the front camera is really good if you’re outside/in a room with good lightning!!

And I only use BB cream, sometimes concealer to cover dark circles

Jag tror att när vi går genom tiden att allt det bästa inte hänt än

Håkan Hellström  (via ninalittorin)

you're nice :)

Thanks boo