agnes / a swede in sweden

People say; "who would miss a star in the sky?", but you were my sun

Anonymous asked: I know this theme is by tomkirk but which one is it? none of the themes looks like this? (it looks very cool and I want it hehe)

here you go :)

Anonymous asked: like do you learn all of these languages at school or by yourself? this is so interesting

Yeah in school
I started taking French classes when I was 10 I think??? And then I wanted extra points in high school so I took Chinese and Italian classes for 3 years (Italian was super easy bc it’s so similar to French) and try to write and speak as much as possible when I travel etc to practice!!! It’s so much fun tbh

Anonymous asked: how many languages do you speak? and which ones?

Swedish, English and French
And I understand/can speak a little bit of Italian and Chinese
And of course Norwegian :)

Anonymous asked: omg how old are you? you're sooo pretty jesus

Thank yooooou and well that’s a secret :-)

Anonymous asked: do it who cares what people say though, FLAUNT WHAT YOU GOT!

Ur right thanks homie

Anonymous asked: du er veldig vakker :)

Tack gulle 😍😘